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Investment Management

Acorn Strategic Group has advised clients through various market cycles. Based on that experience, we have developed an institutional investment approach modelled on the strategy employed by successful institutional investors, adopting those principles and scaling them to individual investors needs.

Throughout the euphoria of the investment market “good times”, we ensure not to forget the damning effect huge loss has on portfolios destined to support years of retirement.

At Acorn Strategic Group, we know that solid investment management begins with a detailed risk assessment for each unique client; this is core to successful investing. Acorn Strategic Group uses innovative software as a risk assessment tool, to establish a client’s risk level. Clients are then linked to risk based models matching their situation. Acorn Strategic Group target risk models offer a range of volatility and expected return consistent with each client’s comfort levels and expectations.

Acorn Strategic Group also utilizes an account management platform for managing clients’ accounts. This approach to investment management is highly appropriate for today’s changing investment climate and separates Acorn Strategic Group from its peers. The target risk models integrate up to six different investment plans simultaneously, typifying the individuality of Acorn Strategic Group.

Acorn Strategic Group employs a combination of tactical and strategic financial strategies to support its “diversify by investment strategy” solutions. Strategy weightings are monitored on a continual basis as are various managers. We believe that this approach is necessary for today’s sophisticated markets. Strategies include stocks, exchange traded funds and mutual funds.

Alternative investments strategies, which typically don’t correlate to public stock or bond markets are also utilized to lower overall portfolio volatility.

The Acorn Strategic Group approach to investing utilising a target risk position, account management tools and a “diversify by investment strategy” approach including alternative investments, truly makes us unique. Let us introduce this institutional approach to you today!

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There is generally no difficulty in applying for an account, providing that you qualify. It is advisable to speak with an account manager beforehand so the process can be explained and any questions can be answered clearly.

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