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Financial Planning

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ― Benjamin Franklin

Only 38% of U.S Investors have a written financial plan to help achieve and maintain wealth throughout retirement, according to a Gallup survey performed in 2015.  Your plan is necessary to determine the status of where you are today and what is required to achieve your financial goals in the future.

Acorn Strategic Group’s financial planning process is thorough and flexible to your needs.


All of our clients initially start with the discovery phase that allows us to get to know your objectives, financial outlook, plus an estimate of assets. During this period of discovery both parties can make an honest assessment of each other before moving forward.

Reviewing your financial picture includes a thorough analysis of your current and projected income, taxes, spending (including retirement), and other items unique to you. We have learned that the best investment strategies are those the client will adhere to, so we use a sophisticated risk tolerance tool to assess both your current portfolio as well as the one we propose.

One of the most important aspects of Discovery is to set the framework for the Prosperity Plan which includes an Investment Strategy and, if required, a Retirement Plan.

Assuming we are a good fit, we move to Prosperity Plan implementation.

Prosperity Plan Implementation

Our Prosperity Plan is a customized financial plan for you.

Depending on your needs, this may include direct access to our estate team or engaging specialized services like corporate trustee services or tax planning.

The Investment Strategy portion of the plan defines a comprehensive allocation of assets which targets achieving your long term goals within the parameters of your risk tolerance, incorporating future earnings/savings projections.

A unique attribute of Acorn Strategic Group’s Investment Strategy is “diversification by strategy”. This moves beyond more conventional diversification by asset class and is intended to provide an additional measure of risk mitigation. Different strategies are also carefully mapped to your qualified vs. non-qualified accounts to optimise after-tax returns.

When clients require periodic withdrawals for retirement, Acorn Strategic Group structures a retirement income plan to suit the specific requirements.

Prosperity Plan Progress Review & Update

Over the course of our relationship, things will change – your goals, life events and health, tax laws, budget needs, and many others.

The Prosperity Plan can be reviewed and updated periodically to reassess your financial outlook, investment portfolio, your objectives and risk tolerance. This allows you to modify and fine tune strategy if you wish to update choices.

We are qualified in partnering with you through life’s events, for example:

  • Retirement
  • Loss of spouse
  • Relocation or career change
  • Sale of a business
  • Sale of home, land or other valuable assets
  • Transfer of wealth to heirs

It can be difficult to navigate any of the above situations without proper guidance.  Our team of seasoned professionals possess the knowledge and qualifications necessary to assist you through even the most difficult planning decisions.

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There is generally no difficulty in applying for an account, providing that you qualify. It is advisable to speak with an account manager beforehand so the process can be explained and any questions can be answered clearly.

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