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About Us

Selecting the right firm to manage your assets is one of the most important decisions you can make. Acorn Strategic Group offers unbiased, transparent guidance based only on what’s best for you.

Since our inception in 2013 Acorn Strategic Group approach to investment management has been customer driven in terms of client relationships, support and of course consistent results. Our investment programs are objective, flexible and aligned with your values and goals, with no preference for active versus passive investments or specific vehicles.

Our investment management group uncovers unique opportunities for you through a rigorous process by diligently selecting, analysing and monitoring third-party managers that invest globally across all asset classes. Due to our size and position in the industry, we are often able to provide access for our clients to top niche managers unavailable elsewhere. Some of the key factors to our approach:

  • RISK MANAGEMENT: We view risk from multiple angles. We are forward-looking and focused on avoiding permanent loss of capital. We continually analyse allocation decisions using our own risk measurement tools, as well as third-party risk-monitoring and exposure-reporting systems. Additionally, we keep an active dialogue with managers and continually monitor them for performance, turnover of personnel, changes in ownership or deviation from strategy.
  • DIVERSIFICATION: We diversify portfolios thoughtfully across risk factors, geographies and asset classes, including private equity, real estate and other assets through highly-experienced third-party managers.
  • VALUATION FOCUS: Our team uses proprietary tools to monitor valuations in each major asset class across dozens of geographies and sectors, and to position portfolios where they will have the best return.
  • LIQUIDITY MANAGEMENT: In building portfolios, we take into account the need to access funds for unexpected expenses and thereby avoiding forced selling of assets at inopportune times.
  • IMPACT INVESTING: We offer robust impact investing services that are a powerful way to align values with investments and can be delivered across all asset classes and with investors from all asset levels.
  • COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING: We incorporate, report on and monitor our clients’ existing holdings in real estate, private equity and other assets when making allocation and investment decisions so that our investment choices work in concert with your overall wealth plan.

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There is generally no difficulty in applying for an account, providing that you qualify. It is advisable to speak with an account manager beforehand so the process can be explained and any questions can be answered clearly.

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